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    Coaching athletes of all ability levels
    from novice to elite, since 1990.
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Triathlon coach and movement specialist.
Building athletes of all ability levels from novice to elite, since 1990.


Zone6 Coaching is owned and operated by Trevor Payne. Trevor is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). As a Biomechanics Coach, Trevor is also certified by Intelligent Training Systems.


Zone6’s beliefs about the best way to train for endurance sports have been developed through practical experience over 20 years. Straddling both a holistic and computer based approach the athlete’s form is corrected before bad habits arise thus greatly accelerating the learning curve.


Trevor has had the privileged to have worked with and taught some of the best in the business, including Olympic Champions and World Record holders.

Trevor Payne triathon coach and movement specialist

Success in the sport is, above all else,
about enduring suffering.

- Chris McCormack -
  • Hannah Mckeand

    Polar Explorer

    Trevor is a truly dedicated Coach, whose knowledge, skill and versatility have been essential to me in preparing for some extremely physical challenges and expeditions. His ability to make training fun and interesting, whilst keeping physical goals achievable and relevant make him a real pleasure to work with.

  • Lauren Steadman

    ITU Paratriathlon World Champion

    Being coached by Trev over the last 2 years has helped me grow as an athlete and as a person, because his ability to diagnose my physical and psychological limiters is in my opinion second to none! His highly enthusiastic, focused and driven nature provided me with a source of information and motivation which enabled me to fulfil my goal to become an ITU world champion.

  • Emma Gueterbock

    GB Age group Triathlete

    I have really enjoyed training with Trevor. His programmes are very varied but also include those all-important repeated sessions showing tangible progression to keep motivation high. He has pushed me hard at times but this has given me the confidence to set higher goals for myself in the coming season. Trevor understands the time constraints of family commitments that come with being an age-grouper. He is also happy to offer lots of practical advice on nutrition, race day preps, and in particular on improving range of movement.

Interview - Assessment

Before an athlete can begin a coaching proramme an interview or
assessment must be arranged with Zone6 Coaching.


1–on–1 Interview

To perform to your potential it can be useful to consult with a professional to help you with your training decisions and vision. An interview with Zone6 Coaching coach will keep the focus on your goals and schedule.


  • By phone or in person
  • Programme analysis
  • Training periodisation: structuring volume, intensity and density of workouts
  • Workout design and modelling, dry land training, nutrition
  • Cognitive skills training and life/work balance

Sessions begin with a thorough personal evaluation designed to identify the athlete’s unique strengths, goals, motivations and any past or present physiological problems/injuries.


Full Body Biomechanical Assessment

A full physical evaluation including muscle testing. This will provide the athlete with a blueprint or road map to show where they are now in order to determine which direction a training programme needs to take.


  • Includes functional mobility, flexibility, strength assessment
  • Written summary of session is provided
  • Video of session (Assessment, technique and exercises)
  • Dry land exercise recommendations provided
  • Reviewed every 4 months

After the assessment a customised programme of conditioning workouts is devised including: stretching, strength-building and breathing exercises using scientific and researched techniques.

Without adequate mobility to perform
essential movements, the quick result will be injury

- Andrew Reed, RKC Team Leader -


Tier 1

Tier 1 coaching is a great value for the budget minded athlete that knows power based training and coaching are important but needs to stretch their racing ££’s as far as possible.

  • Weekly group run sessions
  • 40+ generic training plans
  • Personalization tools
  • Daily emails
  • Weekly group swim training

Tier 2

Zone6's Gold standard, working with atheletes one on one to adjust and refine training plans. This online programme encompasses all workout needs and nutritional advice.

  • Email assistance mon-fri
  • Power data review
  • Wattage based zone training
  • SRM or Power Tap file analysis
  • Biomechanical screening

Tier 3

This is the VIP lounge of Zone6 Coaching where the results driven Pros live. Athletes in this tier get personal assistance whenever required with up to 3 hours 1-on-1 time per week.

  • Dedicated support
  • Results focused training
  • Race strategy sessions
  • Functional threshold testing
  • Biomechanical screening's



For all enquires please complete the contact form below. A member of the Zone6 team will reply within 24hrs.